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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life as a symbol that is recognized worldwide is very old.
The Tree of Life is the symbol of Life itself. It is the origin of Life and Creation.
For this reason the Tree of Life became the community tree.
In the heart of many communities the tree was the center of special occasions, feasts and prayer. The chosen tree was always one that was indigenous to the country and was used for healing.
We have always known how important  trees are, and have nourished and honored them.
When the trees disappear life will end, for they give us the air we breath, the food we eat and the medicine to heal.

Our lives are The Dance of the Dream. This is how Native American call it.
“The Dreamtime”, for the Aboriginals is an essential part of life’s existence and more real than “reality”.
The dream is something that reveals itself during our sleep time but also during the daydream time.
The dream is a manifestation of our existence and our real deepest  being.
It contains personal but also collective elements of our life.
During the dream time our unconsciousness is able to tell our conscious mind in symbols, fragmented stories or a vision, something of importance for our lives now and in the future.
We dream of all that was, is and shall be; past, present and future.

The Dream and The Vision of the Tree of Life tells us about centers that will be founded all over the world. The dream or vision has been seen and experienced by many people all over the world.
The time has come for the ones who hold the vision of the Tree of Life to awaken, to act on the vision and create the centers now.

For the rational thinkers among us and the ones with a vision on the world shall the logical conclusion be the same:
The centers are needed to change our way of living and thinking and will for the future be the only way to survive.
In these centers we will create a better way to live. In time we will bring back the old ways of survival and healing.
In the past we lived together in community and were all living in peace.
We had wonderful plans of living as a solid co operation.
Everything was shared from food to knowledge. We lived with each other as human beings. The Elders taught the children. There was great respect for Life, Earth and all that lived here. We lived from the “we” instead of the “me”. Children were in loving  safe place with the care of all parents.
The Elders were honored and were the supporting heart of the community.
We still see this tradition in nations who remember and still live in this way.
In the development of our Earth and humanity we separated and disconnected from each other and from the Mother Earth. We lost our connection to each other and to our families and values.
We thought we could find fulfill ness outside of ourselves. We are lost into materialism instead of living a spiritual life.
We are exhausted and so is our Earth who has been polluted and destroyed by war and greed.
It the past 30 years many of us were looking for knowledge and wisdom. 
The way we are living is not working for many and we look for and consult masters and teachers.
Now is the time to come to ourselves and this means to go to the place of silence and realize that all possibilities for happiness, peace and prosperity lies in ourselves.

 If we want  truly to see change the world, begin with ourselves.
There is no other way.
It is the responsibility of all to change our way of living and of thinking.
From this point of view we can share and live together unconditionally. 
We will not be separated anymore and will find the complete healing of the mind, body, spirit and soul.
Only then our world will change.
The centers will provide in a place to realize this. They will be connected through the Vision and Mission of the Tree of Life.
Community will be a natural way of living and we will remember once again how to share and love each other.

The first centers will be a shelter, a place of peace and quiet. A coming home after our hectic day by day life. A place to stay for a while to center and balance. 
In the future there will be many of these centers and all will be connected.
They will be our training ground for the future way of living. Our bodies and spirits will be nourished and become strong again.
Our roots will be firmly planted once into the Earth. Our branches reach into the sky and to each other.
Our arms will carry the next generation of children as healthy, strong and loving human beings into the new Area.

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