Tree of Life Centra


The programme comprises of courses, workshops and seminars from different (inter)cultural, spiritual and therapeutic approaches. The well-being of Man stands central.

Programme items can include:

  • History. What is our cultural heritage?
  • Natural healing. Therapeutic herbs and foods. Organic farming: permaculture.
  • Spiritual development, esoterics, psychology,meaning and other directly connected subjects.
  • What can ancient cultural heritages and traditional cultures such as from the Natives and other indigenous people teach us?
  • Danse, music and art.
  • Creative workshops such as painting, sculpturing and leather work.
  • Ecology and the environment. Survival.
  • Flora and fauna.
  • Special programmes for the elderly: hobbies, leisure activities, health etc. 
  • Special programmes for children. For example: a holiday for children who come out of a family with a difficult home life, summer camps, camps for children who stotter etc. 

Professionals and/or teachers will be invited to instruct and guide the various programme items.


The programmes are preverably made after ones need and request. The Tree of Life reckons with the area and country where the Centre is founded. Coöperation with the board of organisaitons and local inhabitants is self-evident. Acitivities and programmes can take place at several locations in the netherlands and some place else in the world. In this case you will find the logo of the Tree of Life foundation at the documentaion of the programme.

Rest, Retreat and Recreation

Establish "A place to come to yourself" comes first. Programming at second.