Tree of Life Centra

Some years ago there was a call up to give a square of fabric to make a community quilt. This was also done in Holland. The result was good for half a blanket both in America and Holland. Grandmother Two Worlds gave me the squares from the American women and suggested to add them to the ones from Holland and make it into one blanket.
Once in a while I took the beautiful squares in my hands and figured how to make it into a quilt . I had squares which were all different from style, material and size and also some plain fabric squares.

At one moment while cleaning out my attic I found a tree that I made as a young girl. At that time I had the vision that the tree would be a part of a bigger picture. I made it from wool. The branches and roots were still loose so that I could weave it together with the bigger piece later.
All of a sudden I saw the whole picture and I instantly knew how to make the blanket. I bought a regular blanket and started arranging the squares. It all fitted perfectly together. There were exactly the right amount squares!

 After the handstitching of the squares The Tree of Life in the centre of the 'Women's-dreaming-blanket' made the connection. One of the squares had a pocket with zipper where I put the personal notes and letters that came with some of the squares. What a beautiful thing to see that with all our differences we can create perfect harmony!

José Molenaar, The Netherlands