Tree of Life Centra


The Tree of Life Centres is a not-for-profit foundation and aims to realise its purposes for an as broad as possible public. Participation to the programmes can take place in exchange of service to the Tree of Life.

Donations and contribution

Beside the financial contributions also other support is important to offer a large scale of activities and programmes with low prices for participation.


  • Making facilities and equipment for sevaral activities available
  • personal support in the implementation of the programmes
  • personal support by means of activities for the foundation


When you offer us an annual financial donation you will be mentioned on our site and other publications. Please contact us for the conditions.

If you like to donate, please transfer money to the following bank account: 

Name: Stichting Tree Of Life Centra
Account number: 1378.56.857
IBAN: NL10 RABO 0137 8568 57
Bank: Rabobank
City: Heemskerk
Country: The Netherlands

A small donation is welcome too.