Tree of Life Centra

The centre

The accommodation at the centre is found at a location which satisfies the purposes of the Foundation.


Living quarters for the hostess and/or host.
An in-and outside venue for retreats, recreation and/or giving of programmes.
Accommodation for the guests.


The centre is located in a peaceful setting in or close to the nature such as the forest, dunes or polder.


The centre is preferably situated in a building which belongs to the cultural heritage of the region such as an historical farm house.

The Tree of Life centre as a health centre provides an experience and creating a optimal well-being. Her accommodation and programmes make this possible.
Experience and creating can be defined in service, participation at the programme or to be independent and active in the workshop or silence centre. It is necessary to decrease and change consumption and looking for alternative energy-sources. The Tree of Life centre is hereby the Training-ground and so a learning Centre.
The Tree of Life centre offers the right accommodation to be a retreat centre through her character and location. During the re-creation can be experienced and understood that well-being has nothing to do with material well-fare.

The Tree of Life Centre distinguishes itself from similar centres because

  • It is on a small scale
  • It is plain and payable
  • It is open for everybody
  • It offers a choice to be active or to find rest and silence
  • It is a training-ground for the development of all things that fit in a conscious way of creating a different and better environment.

 In 2016  we found a beautiful place where we live and work now.

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